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Healing comes from a place of deep allowance; to rest, to surrender and most importantly ~ to receive support in a safe environment.



Warm sunshine & feet in the sand. Yin Yoga. The wisdom of mistakes. Goose bumps and tingles. Writing music and musings on life. Massage. Free-Spirited dance. Nutritious Wholesome food. Cooking with her husband and being a wife. Belly laughs & snorting. Nature. Bali. Getting triggered and moving through all of that. Talking about shit that matters. Releasing shame. Running. Soul searching. All things chocolately. Skinny dipping. Uncovering Truth. 

LOLA is an Australian Qualified Naturopath, living in Ubud, Bali for 5 years. With extensive knowledge and experience in runnings retreats, Lola has guided over 600 individuals through a fasting detox retreat. Lola is a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner-in training, and an InnerGuidance Facilitator-in training. These further studies, offer professional support in working with trauma release and spiritual/energetic healing.  She holds space for Women and Men to feel good in their bodies, feel safe to release trauma, and to feel empowered to let go of what is no longer needed. A lover of Mind-Body Healing and Eastern Philosophy; Travelling changed her life and started a transformational journey to live a purposeful life in service to bring about more peace for humanity. Lola is dedicated to liberating human suffering by healing the root cause of dis-ease; an advocate for telling the truth how it is and making Trauma a topic we can invite to the dinner table! A teacher of Inner peace practices and higher consciousness, she is passionate about providing a safe space for humans to rest and heal and explore their vulnerabilities, their fears and their potential.


Ice-cream and everything in life which is good. Dancing her heart out until exhaustion takes over. Caring for her plants in the late afternoon when the light is warmer and the day has cooled down. Reading and falling asleep in the sun. Waking up to write in the early hours of the morning. Coffee. Morning love. Unapologetic people and wine.  Talking about shit that matters -with chocolate around-; and that is why she loves Lola.

Eda is a Mexican/Costa Rican ice-cream sommelier with a double Master in International Communication and a specialisation in Conflict Solving & Non-violent Communication.  During the past seven years she’s been travelling the world, always finding her way back to Bali; now her home. She is a professional writer (with a couple of non-very-famous awards) who spends most of her mornings writing or complaining about not being able to write. She teaches creative & erotic writing -with a flare for experiential exercises- online, and in Mexico City. Eda started meditating early in life -attending several silent meditation retreats in Mexico, Guatemala & Scotland-, and continues to practice -almost- every day. She is a dancer, a -sometimes stupid- risk taker, an intense doer, a mind-roamer,  a graphic designer and a witch… ooh, how cool would it be? She is deeply interested in the human nature; in the stories and the little details that make us who we are. In growing though love and resilience, and in triumphing through the recognition that we have already won.


Cacao in liquid or bar form. Practising and teaching yoga. Heart and soul filled conversations over a warm bevy. Moving in a way that could be called dance, flailing, or releasing. Seeking out the best organic vegan restaurants, worldwide. Reading and listening to Ram Dass. Discussing environmental sustainability practices. Long hugs and snuggles. Sunshine and sandal tans. Reducing stigma associated with mental health and addictions. Loving and protecting the earth. Blessing everyone and everything, not just when sneezing. 


Rhaya suports and empowers clients with mental health and/or addiction-related concerns, having completed a Master of Occupational Therapy and Bachelor of Kinesiology at the University of British Columbia. She has further trainings in counselling and hypnotherapy, and is a certified yoga teacher with specializations in trauma-sensitive and children’s yoga. Rhaya also offers yoga, pranayama, and meditation as a supplement to talk-based therapy for at-risk populations. Rhaya teaches public and private classes in Bali, offers classes, workshops, and retreats globally, and is in the grass roots stages of creating a YTT for clinicians. She therapeutically supports clients in 1:1 settings as well as through group workshops.



Astri is a Balinese yoga teacher, hailing from the spiritual centre of Bali, Ubud. She has many years experience practicing and teaching various styles of yoga, and has completed trainings in Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, Yoga Therapy and Acroyoga, amassing over 500hours of teacher trainings.

Astri brings a depth of knowledge to her classes, and excels in guiding students to feel and open up the various energy pathways in their bodies. She helps students to find inner peace and the path to their healthiest selves through powerful teaching plans. She has an advanced yoga asana practice and acroyoga practice too as she holds a deep love and respect for the many arts of yoga, and all that they encompass.

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Without whom, nothing (seriously) would be possible...

Our bodies know how to heal themselves, we just have to get out of our own way.

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