Nurturing your Spirit 🌟

How do you nurture your Spirit, allow yourself to play, creatively express yourself and bring in happiness?

You may have heard of the expression; you cannot give from an empty cup. Nurturing your Spirit is a beautiful β€˜receiving’ practice of filling yourself up first. When you are full, you can give from the overflow. When we truly begin to take care of our own Spirit, we are filling ourselves up from within and it becomes effortless to give back to others because there is plenty of overflow from your cup.

Below is a list of many beautiful ways you can light up your Spirit. What activities do you love doing? What helps you let go? What brings you back to peace within? Where can you lose track of time, completely immersed in this activity?

Create your own list of all the things your Spirit loves doing, and make a commitment to yourself to put in action one of these activities daily. When we allow ourselves to play and to be creative, we are connecting in with our Spirit. Nurturing your Spirit, helps you to feel more aligned with your highest self and content within. Nurturing your Spirit is an every-day practise that fills you up inside and gives you more purpose and passion for life.

How can you bring in this practice every day?

Nurturing Spirit Practices

– Being in Nature
– Prayer
– Meditation
– Mindful Breathing
– Journaling
– Dancing
– Singing
– Cooking
– Listening to Music
– Being Creative with your hands; painting, drawing, colouring-in, pottery, sculpturing,
– Swimming in the ocean
– Nature walks
– Having a bath
– Calling a friend or loved one
– Surfing
– Travelling
– Writing a letter to a loved one

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