July 2022 - Ubud, Bali

8-day healing & fasting retreat.

A unique and personalized 8 day healing & fasting retreat in the exotic lush landscape of Ubud, Bali. 

Heal your body and mind with the guidance and support from experienced professionals. Join us into a deep and transformative journey tailored specifically to support your physical, emotional and mental health towards building resilience and healing. Combining juice fasting, yoga, somatic based healing, meditation, educational workshops, sharing circles and nature. Set in an intimate, safe and lush tropical environment.



Are you ready to give your body and mind the gift of healing (in Bali)?

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You deserve to feel ALIVE, and RESILIENT to all that life has to offer you.

Are you feeling exhausted or burned out? Are you trying to cope with emotional issues or chronic dis-ease? Are you feeling dis-connected from your body and your life?

This retreat is an opportunity to rest deeply, and to be soothed and nurtured in ways that your day to day life doesn’t normally allow you to.

Resilience & Healing Retreat will help you:

  • RE.set your nervous system
  • your energy levels
  • RE.balance your digestive system
  • RE.charge your immune system
  • your resilience
  • RE.member who and what you are! 

It’s time to  RE.treat yourself!

With expert guidance, you will be encouraged to reset your body through juice fasting and detoxification practices. As you begin to heal your physical bodies- you may also begin to gently release emotional and traumatic pain from your emotional and energetic bodies. You will be supported with 1:1 personalised guidance and group  facilitation.

Resilience & Healing Retreat is a nurturing space where you can come as you are. We want to see you and help you be at ease, recharge and reset.

Through group support, connection and self-healing practices- we provide the space for you to heal yourself, supporting you to build strength and resilience as you step back into your life. 

Are you ready to regain your health? To feel energized, and inspired?

 “Your wound is probably not your fault, but your healing is your responsibility.” – Anonymous 

This Retreat will help you to appreciate the healing capacity of your body. You are powerful and capable of healing yourself. 

The transformations that we’ve witnessed are truly life changing.

Do something TODAY that your FUTURE self will THANK YOU for!


This retreat is a healing journey back to wholeness.

Perhaps you are feeling overwhelmed, stressed out, dissatisfied in life and on the tipping point of a breakdown! You know something has to change, but you’re struggling to make that happen.

Life can be stressful at times- this is your opportunity to breakthrough and give yourself the gift of deep, nourishing repair and care.

8 days of letting the mind quiet down from its daily routine and allowing it to come back ‘home’ within, can invigorate, inspire, and transform your World.  

This is a healing journey for detoxification and transformation. 

Our retreat is suitable for people who are looking to make positive changes in their life or for those who simply need to take some personal time out to reconnect, rejuvenate and step back into life with more clarity, focus and energy. We provide you with the support and space you need.

We understand the importance of maintaining health and supporting the journey back to health, which is why we guide daily workshops that will support, educate and empower you to take back your health with more knowledge and direction.




To HEAL is to allow yourself to rest, to give yourself time to surrender and receive support in a safe environment.



Warm sunshine & feet in the sand. Yin Yoga. The wisdom of mistakes. Goose bumps and tingles. Writing music and musings on life. Massage. Free-Spirited dance. Nutritious Wholesome food. Cooking with her husband and being a wife. Belly laughs & snorting. Nature. Bali. Getting triggered and moving through all of that. Talking about shit that matters. Releasing shame. Running. Soul searching. All things chocolately. Skinny dipping. Uncovering Truth. 

LOLA is an Australian Qualified Naturopath, living in Ubud, Bali for 5 years. With extensive knowledge and experience in runnings retreats, Lola has guided over 600 individuals through a fasting detox retreat. Lola is a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner-in training, and an InnerGuidance Facilitator-in training. These further studies, offer professional support in working with trauma release and spiritual/energetic healing.  She holds space for Women and Men to feel good in their bodies, feel safe to release trauma, and to feel empowered to let go of what is no longer needed. A lover of Mind-Body Healing and Eastern Philosophy; Travelling changed her life and started a transformational journey to live a purposeful life in service to bring about more peace for humanity. Lola is dedicated to liberating human suffering by healing the root cause of dis-ease; an advocate for telling the truth how it is and making Trauma a topic we can invite to the dinner table! A teacher of Inner peace practices and higher consciousness, she is passionate about providing a safe space for humans to rest and heal and explore their vulnerabilities, their fears and their potential.


Ice-cream and everything in life which is good. Dancing her heart out until exhaustion takes over. Caring for her plants in the late afternoon when the light is warmer and the day has cooled down. Reading and falling asleep in the sun. Waking up to write in the early hours of the morning. Coffee. Morning love. Unapologetic people and wine.  Talking about shit that matters -with chocolate around-; and that is why she loves Lola.

Eda is a Mexican/Costa Rican ice-cream sommelier with a double Master in International Communication and a specialisation in Conflict Solving & Non-violent Communication.  During the past seven years she’s been travelling the world, always finding her way back to Bali; now her home. She is a professional writer (with a couple of non-very-famous awards) who spends most of her mornings writing or complaining about not being able to write. She teaches creative & erotic writing -with a flare for experiential exercises- online, and in Mexico City. Eda started meditating early in life -attending several silent meditation retreats in Mexico, Guatemala & Scotland-, and continues to practice -almost- every day. She is a dancer, a -sometimes stupid- risk taker, an intense doer, a mind-roamer,  a graphic designer and a witch… ooh, how cool would it be? She is deeply interested in the human nature; in the stories and the little details that make us who we are. In growing though love and resilience, and in triumphing through the recognition that we have already won.

Our ability to build RESILIENCE is key to HEALING the body & mind from DIS-EASE


This is a trauma-informed, physical & emotional healing retreat designed to restore your inherent biological nature to heal yourself. We incorporate resilience building techniques, workshops and healing sessions to support you towards recovery from the effects of long term stress and trauma.


Juice fasting is the most effective and gentle way to quickly remove and repair inflammation, and restore your digestive system from unremitting daily stress and its effects on the interconnected system of the gut, body, mind and nervous system.

When we purposefully place our digestive system into a restorative and healing state, we help activate the regenerative, self-healing benefits of rest & repair.

If the body has been through long periods of stress, the digestive system is usually compromised by the activated fight/fight response of our sympathetic nervous system.

Fasting in a healing, relaxed environment allows the nervous system to rest in the parasympathetic response, allowing the digestive system to ‘rest & digest’. This is a mind-body, holistic approach to restoring balance of the digestive system through building resiliency and healing with the nervous system.


At the root of most dis-ease is a trauma footprint. Trauma that may have affected us on a physical, emotional or mental level is often at the root cause of our dis-ease.

Whether you have experienced trauma or not- our bodies hold onto their own biological story of stress and its effect on our health. The majority of us carry these stories with us and experience physical and/or mental challenges on a daily basis.

Trauma is often the root cause of many long term chronic health conditions. Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Diabetes, Autoimmune conditions, are just a few of these diseases that are often linked with a dysregulated nervous system that experienced a traumatic event/s that disrupted the system’s ability to regulate and form resiliency towards ongoing stress.

During this retreat, you will learn how to regulate your own nervous system, teaching you how to better be equipped with the skills to manage everyday stress and heal from past trauma. 


Single occupancy

Deluxe Room
$ 2,200
  • 8 nights 8 day resilience & healing retreat


Deluxe Room
$ 2,000
  • 8 nights 8 day resilience & healing retreat

Our bodies know how to heal themselves, we just have to get out of our own way.